How to protect your finances before the New Year; ticket #3

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TICKET #3: Review your health insurance bills

surprised-women-reading-n-0012Insurance companies and doctor’s offices are not immune to making human mistakes yet most people don’t bother to look at the statements from their insurer before they pay the balance due or quickly file away the invoice when no payment is due.

Why is it important to check your health insurance bills? Your insurance bill could be an early detector of identity theft. Hospitals and doctor’s offices must request a copy of your identification and insurance card before they provide services. If you see a charge on your health insurance bill for an item, doctor, facility or date that you do not recognize it could be possible that someone used your identification. If you notice something wrong, contact the doctor or health facility’s billing department for a detailed description of the item. If you are certain that it was not your claim, contact your health insurance company  immediately to request an investigation into the charge and correct the error.

If the health office confirms the person provided accurate identification and you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft, visit to file a claim.


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