How to protect your finances before the New Year; ticket #4

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TICKET #4: Shred documents with personal information

cr-shredderDo yourself a favor – if you don’t have a personal shredder, purchase one. There are a number low cost shredders made for home use that range from $15-$75 ; the lower priced shredders are made to sit on top of a small wastebasket. Mail theft is still common, especially during the end of the year when tax documents and year end banking and investment statements are often mailed to clients. Shredding your documents with personal and financial information instead of throwing them in the trash will lower your chance of being a victim of identity theft and fraud.

Don’t forget to also shred your old credit cards and insurance cards instead of throwing them in the trash. Most shredders come with ability to shred credit cards. Once your shredder is filled, instead of dumping it in the trash, bag it up and donate it to your local pet shelter! The shelters often use shredded paper when they run out of kitten litter; you will feel good that you’re donating to a worthy cause and recycling at the same time!


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