Welcome to Financial Freedom Press, your resource for updates and information located at The Restoration Station! The “Station” was opened in response to a need in our community for practical, sound and reliable solutions to improve the financial health of our families and small businesses. We seek to serve as a resource to educate, prepare and support the community and place each “passenger” on the right track to financial health and wealth! We will offer classes and content to support you on your quest to restore rebuild and improve your household and/or business finances. You will have access to my 30 years of accounting experience and 15 years as the CEO of my own company through video conferencing, online classes and shared resources. I am happy to share my own journey and financial struggle after a radical life change and the tools and tips that rescued me and placed me on the track to building wealth and financial health. Get your ticket and prepare to board; you are on your way to a fulfilling future! Please visit the station and “like” our Facebook page The Restoration Station . We look forward to preparing you for the journey to financial freedom!

Sponsored by MT Austin and Associates LLC

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