How to protect your finances before the new year ; TICKET #2

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TICKET #2Check your banking activity! 

bank-statementMost banks make it easy for you to view your daily activity and pending transactions through an app on your phone. If you do not have access to an app, you should have the ability to log into your online banking account to view the current activity. You should also be able to download a copy of your last bank statement. If you still receive your bank statements in the mail, we strongly suggest you contact your bank’s customer service department and request “paper free” or digital downloads of your monthly bank statements. Most banks will now charge to mail paper statements and this would be an opportunity to both save on the banking fee and lessen the chance of your sensitive information being taken from the mail.

We suggest you get in the habit of checking your bank statements every month. Financial institutions often make errors and are only liable for them for 90 days after the date of the bank statement. In other words if the bank made an error on your statement, and you wait more than three months to look at your statement and dispute the item, you lose the opportunity to have the error corrected by the bank. You want to make sure everything is accurate, and that you can identify each cash transaction and debit purchase. If you notice something wrong, contact the vendor and/or the bank immediately.

We have provided a link to this FREE sample letter for reporting an incorrect charge to a credit card company or retail store.

If you suspect identity theft, visit to report the incident.

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