Tool #4: 7 Money Saving Tools you need before you begin holiday shopping!

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Last week we broadcast live from The Restoration Station and recorded a video of the 7 Money Saving Tools you need BEFORE you go out holiday shopping, along with a Bonus video with tip on how to give a gift that is also tax-deductible. For those who were unable to come into the station, there’s still time to get your ticket! The mission of The Restoration Station is to help place you on the right track to financial freedom. I touched on the 7 tools in the video, and will discuss them in more detail on our blog. Please visit our Restoration Station Facebook Page to “like” and get notifications of our live broadcasts every Thursday at 11:30am, EST. We offer FREE tools to support you on your journey to financial freedom and wealth!

TOOL #4Set up a separate email used only to sign up for offers





This Tool #4 is my secret sauce! I have utilized this for the past few years and it helps me not only during the holiday season but throughout the year.  Retail and service companies will always offer you a discount, coupon code or free gift or download in order to get your email address for marketing purposes. Some of the offers are extremely enticing and you want the discount, but you don’t want to have spam filling up your email inbox. Set up a separate email account solely for the use of signing up for these offers. It can be gmail, outlook or the email associated with your local cable provider, but set up an email address such as “”, write down the password and use it ONLY for signing up for online offers. If you utilize this tool now, by the end of the year you will have a number of offers in your email inbox from stores, restaurants and service providers that you frequent most often. It’s a great way to collect coupons in one place without cluttering up your personal or professional email account.

During holiday season (or any time that you go shopping), do a search on your inbox for that particular store or restaurant name and the result will be the last few offers from that particular retailer. Most email offers are easily retrieved and able to be opened on your smart phone and scanned right in the store by the cashier. It’s a great tool to use and because most retailers have an expiration date on their coupons you can clear out this email account regularly, only keeping email for the past thirty to sixty days.

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