Tool #3: 7 Money Saving Tools you need before you go holiday shopping!

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This past Thursday we broadcast live from The Restoration Station and recorded a video of the 7 Money Saving Tools you need BEFORE you go out holiday shopping, along with a Bonus video with tip on how to give a gift that is also tax-deductible. For those who were unable to come into the station, there’s still time to get your ticket! The Restoration Station is here to help place you on the right track to financial freedom. I touched on the 7 tools in the video, and will discuss them in more detail here each day of the week. Please visit our Restoration Station Facebook Page to “like” and get notifications of our live broadcasts every Thursday at 11:30am, EST. We offer FREE tools to support you on your journey to financial freedom and wealth!

TOOL #3: Have a savers mindset and never pay full price



The commercialism and high volume of marketing during the holiday season can cause impulse shopping. All of the retailers are offering FREE or extremely low priced items to entice you to come into their store. The sales are very inviting and intend to get you into the store in the height of holiday shopping season to buy the items that are not on sale. Your greatest tool during these impulse shopping days is your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Because of marketing demographics or email filters, you may not receive all of the coupons or discounts for the retailers that you are planning to visit. Make a habit of searching for coupons online before you venture out shopping. If you have a smart phone, you can search as soon as you park your car, or inside the store if it has WiFi! I like to use sites such as RetailMeNot or Groupon to search for coupons that can be used in the store and/or online. You can also do a Google search for “Name of Retail Company coupon codes for 2016″. I personally do 95% of my shopping online all year long because I do not like the long lines and crowds in retail stores and parking lots. You will find that retailers will offer different coupons depending on how you shop.

Read the small print. Some stores will not honor coupons for large priced or certain brand name items, but some stores will accept competitors coupons or more than one coupon for a single purchase. Shop local if you can, you can get some of the best deals with small business owners, but if you shop at one of the large retail stores, do not pay full price!

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